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Hi Team,A feature which is quite useful in matrix programming is the Apply method on a Matrix, which allows component-wise application of a scalar function.As an example, it is often the case that a user wants to apply a Log( 1 + x ), or Sqrt( x ), transform to a Matrix in order to adjust for kurtosis in the values.I was thinking that they could be implemented via delegates (which I think are the C# equivalent of function pointers), to allow for maximum flexibility.  What do you think?Keep up the good work guys,Kindest regards,Julian
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cuda wrote Mar 12, 2009 at 12:48 PM

-Use the name Map as suggested by Patrick to be consistent with F#.
-We should also add support for vectors.
-We should look at provide predefined delegates for the native version - Intel's vector math functions.

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jpulman wrote Mar 12, 2009 at 10:03 PM

using intel's vector function sounds like a great idea - functions like Abs( matrix ) and Abs( vector ) can be very useful.
For example the condition Sum( Abs( Vector ) ) can be a very quick way of determining if a vector is all zeroes or not.

Other Map-style commands that I see run a lot are functions which replace all NaNs in a matrix with zeroes (similarly for vectors) - to prepare for matrix arithmetic. This operation in particular I've seen heavily used within loops, so optimizing the speed of this operation can be pivotal in speeding up applications and simulations.

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initial implementation has been added - Apply.cs

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