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Contributing to the dnAnalytics Project

Getting Set Up
  • Contact Marcus about your interest in joining the project. He'll add you to the CodePlex project and create a Subversion account for you.
  • Before you start committing code, we'll need a signed Contributor License Agreement. This can either be mailed to the address in the agreement or e-mailed to Marcus.

Committing Code
  • Before committing code, it must compile and pass all unit tests.
  • If a code commit breaks a build, it should be corrected as quickly as possible. The build status can be seen at
  • Every public method must have a unit test.
  • All public and protected methods must have complete XML comments.
  • Examples should be added to the XML comments using our Example Parser and to the Wiki.
  • Code should be committed into the source trunk if contains features/changes planned for the next release.
  • Code that is planned for a later release should be committed into personal branch.
  • An issue should be created in the issue tracker for all new features and bugs found in a previous release (not the release currently be developed).

Adding Examples to XML Comments
1) Add a compilable example to the Examples (C#) or FSharpExamples (F#) project.
2) In the C# or F# file where you want to include the example, add a line such as

C#: ///<include file='../../../../Examples/[Path]/[To]/[File].xml' path='example'/>
F#: ///<include file='../../../../FSharpExamples/[Path]/[To]/[File].xml' path='example'/>

where the path is the path the to C# or F# example file. Note that the file extension is .xml, not .cs or .fs.

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